Center for Psychosociology


Director - Police Chief Superintendent Dr. Darius-Mihai TURC


The Center for Psychosociology is the specialized unit, subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, without legal personality, with powers of exercising the psychological act, invested with regulatory, guidance, coordination and control authority, in the field of psychology activities conducted by the specialized structures and specialized personnel from Ministry’s units.

The Center for Psychosociology carries out specialized activities aimed at describing, classifying, explaining, predicting and optimizing human behavior, as well as measuring, analyzing and interpreting the facts, processes and social phenomena at the level of the Ministry’s structures, by applying the concepts, theories, methods and techniques specific to psychology and sociology, in order to support the design and implementation of an efficient management of human resources, to provide occupational security and health, to understand and improve the organizational climate, as well as the analysis/substantiation, from a psychosocial perspective, of certain options/decisions of the ministry's leadership.

The Center for Psychosociology performs, at central level, the functions of coordination, monitoring, analysis, synthesis and evaluation for the psychology activities in the ministry. According to the provisions of the normative acts in force regarding the exercise of the profession of psychologist with a free practice license, the Psychosociological Center is organized and functions as the psychology unit of the ministry. The compliance with the requirements for functioning as the psychology unit of the ministry is certified by the College of Psychologists in Romania, by issuing the operating license, according to the legislation in force.


carries out or coordinates, as appropriate, measures to design and optimize the regulatory, conceptual, procedural and methodological framework of activities within its sphere of responsibility;

ensures the cohesive design of the organization and conduct of the psychology activities in its area of responsibility and endorses the methodologies/working procedures of the coordinated specialized structures;

organizes and carries out the psychological evaluation activity in order to participate in the admission examinations organized by the training institutions of the ministry, selection for employment/recruitment, promotion of police officers/military personnel to a higher category/body, promotion to management positions, transfer of ministry’s experts to the public defense and national security agencies, establishing the medical/occupational condition on the basis of psychiatric diagnosis, participation in international and multinational missions, performance of external representation functions, execution of the activities/missions that expose the deployed personnel to psychosocial risks, the implementation of its own preemptive financial audit, the certification for undertaking encryption/cipher activities, the certification of driving instructors and examiners, the granting of the right to drive service vehicles belonging to ministry’s units, as well as in other cases provided for by the regulations in force;

provides psychological assistance to the personnel of ministry headquarters’ which do not have a psychologist;

organizes and carries out organizational diagnosis activities at the level of the ministry's structures;

organizes and conducts opinion polls, surveys and sociological research among the ministry’s staff and, if required, among the citizens which are the recipients of the services provided by the ministry's structures and/or partner institutions;

establishes the overall tasks and draws up the generic job description for the coordinated specialized structures and personnel, modifying or supplementing them, as appropriate, whenever necessary;

controls the coordinated specialized structures/staff from a professional perspective regarding the implementation and compliance with the internal specific regulatory framework of the psychology activities;

organizes and carries out the activity of examining the specialized knowledge, skills and competences, in the framework of examination boards established in accordance with the specific human resources activity regarding the filling of vacant posts with responsibilities in the field of psychology activities;

organizes periodically, by itself or in cooperation with the general inspectorates, general directorates/departments and educational institutions of the ministry, expert conventions, with the aim of reviewing the problems encountered in the activity, disseminating information, expertise and best practices and clarifying some specific issues related to the practice of psychologist profession and the uniform implementation of legal provisions in the field;

organizes and carries out, according to law, practical internships in psychology and sociology for students/postgraduate students from civilian higher education institutions;

submits proposals for and carries out international relations activities in its area of responsibility, in accordance with the interests of the institution and in compliance with established legal procedures;

organizes and conducts activities for the management of specific data and sets up the forms and timeframes required for drawing up the statistical summaries;

analyzes and endorses, within the limits of its responsibilities, the procurement of specialized instruments, methods and specialized techniques to be used in the psychology activities by the ministry’s units;

organizes and conducts, in cooperation with the Institute for Public Order Studies, career and refresher courses for psychologists working in the central and territorial units of the ministry;

provides support for educational activities concerning topics in the field of psychology in the framework of induction and management training courses for UN/EU monitors, organized by the Institute for Public Order Studies.


Contact details:

Address: 47 Maria Ghiculeasa Street, Sector 2, Bucharest
Phone: (int. 27142)
Fax: 021 2426077

Audience schedule:

Every Wednesday between 13:00 hrs. and 15:00 hrs., with the exception of public holidays